Monday, June 23, 2014

A friend talks about Jeremy

Ricky Mann a friend of Jeremy Meeks wrote:
Pictures of the real Jeremy Meeks. I wanted to share some photos I have of my good friend Jeremy because I’m sick of seeing all the negative photos circulating the internet that people have made who have no idea who Jeremy is. I want to share something real from someone who actually knows him. Jeremy Meeks in not the criminal the public has made him out to be. He’s one of the most generous people I’ve ever met. He'll give you the shirt off his own back. I’ve personally seen him give his own money to the homeless every time without them even asking for it. That’s just how he is. Jeremy has a fulltime job and he's a fulltime family man. He likes to do normal things like as taking his kids to the park, going fishing, playing basketball, he's even started his own softball team and was beginning to start a basketball team for an adult league before he was arrested. He has a past that he served his time for and now the public is painting a nasty picture of him and he's being stereotyped for his old tattoos. We're all upset (friends and family) that everyone is judging him without even knowing him.
Please help set Jeremy Meeks free, any donations will help. His mother Katharine has created a gofundme page that can be found at this link:


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